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  • Celebrating Teacher's Day

    At Colegio Bosque Real Kinder we celebrated Teacher's Day with a very special event for our team, thanking them for how much they have given us. Thank you for being part of this family. Let's keep growing together.

  • Chinese New Year 2021

    We share a bit of the incredible event last February 12th, where we celebrated the arrival of the New Lunar Year and the presentation of our new friend and pet Lèle.

    We were very happy to see you again, thank you students and parents for your valuable participation and for making this day a great success!

  • Three Kings Day Donation

    On January 5th and 6th we had the opportunity to deliver the toys that our students donated to low-income children, where we loved getting a little smile from them.

    Thank you parents for being part of such an incredible moment.

  • Halloween 2020

    At Colegio Bosque Real Kinder we celebrated Halloween and the children enjoyed it a lot.