Who are we?

Colegio Bosque Real is an educational community designed to promote holistic human formation.

Our Guiding Principle

We believe education is socio-cultural process.

Our Mission


We are a cutting-edge educational institution, dedicated to the formation of students who are sensitive to changes, capable of using science and technology to benefit society, and who will look upon the world with a holistic vision, which will make them integrated human beings.

Our Vision


Colegio Bosque Real will be recognized as a leading educational institution, whose multidisciplinary professional team is recognized for its ability in the development and application of high quality educational methodologies.


We teach our students follow their internal compasses so living with ethical values becomes a way of life and they can stand up for principles that they believe in, have high degrees of self awareness and they can understand what’s really important in the human experience.


Having strong beliefs which include virtues such as honesty, compassion, responsibility, patience, and character


Pausing to notice and appreciate things that we often take for granted


Try to understand the world around us, because there is always something new to learn


Give the best of yourself to others


Being able to understand how someone else feels

Our Philosophy

Educational foundation

An educational foundation includes social, emotional, cognitive, artistic and physical growth which are all interrelated.

Each student is unique

Each student is unique and has individual needs.


A child's physical and emotional well-being is a priority..


Respect, integrity and empathy are basic values that should be present in all members of our community.


Learning should be relevant, contextual, and authentic.


A safe and caring environment is conducive to learning.


Children learn best when actively engaged.


As a community, we guide one another to become thoughtful and proactive learners and citizens.

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